Immanuel’s Columbarium is a garden-like setting where the remains of our loved ones are laid to rest. Cremation is a theologically correct and ecologically sound option being chosen by nearly a quarter of Christians in Nebraska. The Columbarium offers a place for people to sit, meditate, and reflect. In this quiet space, families find comfort and a sense of connection with the person who has died.


For our congregation, Immanuel is a place of fellowship, a place to share God’s love and struggles together as a faith-filled community, a place where the “the joy of all is the joy of each and the hurt of one is the hurt of all.”  We have shared our joys, sorrows, and love.  We know that our final resting place is with God and in that knowledge Christians rejoice.  Being laid to rest in our Columbarium assures we will always be a part of our church home.  For generations to come, our Columbarium will tell the story of people who came together in God’s love.


The Columbarium includes both double and single niches with inscribed brass urns for cremains and granite faceplates. The Columbarium also contains a Memorial Wall with inscribed granite plaques memorializing family members whose remains are elsewhere. Other plaques recognize the military service of individuals inurned in the Columbarium.


A Columbarium Committee assists the congregation with the purchase of niches and plaques and, with other members of the congregation, cares for the Columbarium and the surrounding grounds.  Please contact the church office for more information.


To maintain a dignified resting place for the cremains of Immanuel family members which will offer comfort and solace reflecting God’s eternal love.