Greetings to you in the name of Christ!

The love of God found in Christ is what unites us as a community of faith. We need help and we find it in the love
and mercy of God. This is not a “Rest Home for Saints” but a “Hospital for Sinners” where we acknowledge our
brokenness and lean into the grace of God.

Are you looking for a place to drop your guard and lean into God’s promises of love transformation?

While we are a pretty nice group of people, if I say so myself, I expect you are looking to answer a few questions before asking “are these people I would want to hang around with?” Using Rev. David Daubert’s article in the July 2015
“Lutheran” magazine, you may be asking two questions.

  1. Is God clearly a part of this place?
  2. Do the people notice God’s presence here?

These are important questions as we live in a time when many people in the church are “religious but not spiritual.” I invite you to participate in worship and see how we live as folks who trust “Immanuel”, which means God is with us! We often fall short but I trust you will see an active, faithful community in which you sense God’s presence. And did I mention, “we’re pretty nice, too?!” Expect a warm handshake and greeting at the beginning of worship!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s available for children and teens at Immanuel?

You can expect us to love children of all ages! We begin “Faith Formation” with 3 year old’s receiving age appropriate Bibles and continue with education throughout the High School years. You can expect to find parents and grandparents who are seeking to be faith-filled leaders of their homes, encouraging their families to spend time together, to share highs and lows of each day, to pray for each other and ask for God’s blessings. You can expect us to encourage lifelong education so we can grow in God’s grace.

What time is worship? What’s it like? 

Worship is at 5:30pm on Saturday and 9:30am on Sunday. Our Sunday service is also live-streamed on YouTube. Throughout the year, we also hold special worship services on Wednesday evenings. Check our calendar for the most up-to-date information. You can expect a variety of worship services:

  • Blended: mix of traditional and contemporary
  • Traditional: think of the beauty of organs and formal worship
  • Contemporary: think of music you would hear on contemporary Christian radio

Our hope is you will find a style that fits how you experience God’s presence and respond with praise to our Rock
and Redeemer. Try them all, stick with one, or enjoy all of them.

What does being Lutheran mean?

You can expect us to be “Lutheran” which is a short hand way of saying we trust Jesus Christ to make us right
with God and each other. It’s not a matter of us being “good enough” for God to love us but simply responding
with gratitude to the generosity of God’s grace (unconditional love). What freedom we can live in when we can
freely share God’s grace with other people in a wide variety of situations.

How do I become a member?

You can expect us to encourage you to not simply attend church but join as a member of the church. And
when I say join, I would love for you to become a member of Immanuel but I’m thinking beyond that, to
being a vital member of the church, the body of Christ. What role is God calling you to serve? Is there
a new mission/ministry God is calling you to start? Are you called to study the Scriptures intently to
share God’s Word to guide others? Are you being called to bring hope into the midst of despair with
encouraging words of God’s grace? Are you being called to love and support others through compassionate,
loving service? Are you being called to teach people the foundations of faith so we carry on this gospel
message into the future?   Martin Luther spoke of the “priesthood of all believers” in which we all have
a call (a vocation) from God to serve.

How do I give to the church?

You can expect us to invite you to become a generous steward in sharing your financial resources for God’s
purposes. We don’t simply give money to keep a church running, however practical we need to be sometimes.
Sharing your financial resources is a spiritual discipline to prioritize what is important to you, by entrusting
your life to God’s promises and doing so much more in Christ’s name by giving together. You can expect us to
offer support and classes on how to remove debt’s control over financial life by practical application of
financial stewardship.