The Outreach Board calls upon everyone in the congregation to use their gifts as they are moved by the Holy Spirit. ” To do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God” Micah 6:8


The Stewardship Board initiates programs for the development of good stewardship attitudes in the members of Immanuel in regard to time, talents and treasures in providing for the work of Christ’s Kingdom.


The Finance Board ensures the financial stability of Immanuel and its work through a developed program of dedicated, proportionate, first fruits giving.


The Fellowship Board provides fellowship opportunities to strengthen a sense of oneness between Immanuel members bother spiritually and socially. They integrate new members into the Immanuel family and build mutual cooperation, trust and affection for each other in a Christian family.


The Worship Board oversees the worship life of this congregation and to ensures meaningful worship.


The Evangelism Board promotes a welcoming and caring atmosphere for all who enter Immanuel. They ensure first-time visitors are contacted and invited back, and that inactive members are identified and are shown that they are missed and loved.

Faith Formation

The Faith Formation Board works with the Director of Faith Formation to plan and administer the total education program of Immanuel.  They assist in providing volunteer positions for various faith formation events and strive to involve the youth of Immanuel in the work of Christ.


The Properties Board ensures proper maintenance and repair of the church property.