A Thought for March 17

Saint Patrick’s Day – knowing many are disappointed that this great day will not be observed in the usual way, I suggest considering who Saint Patrick really was.  Captured as a youth and taken to Ireland as a slave, he eventually escaped.  Later, he returned to Ireland as a witness to the Christian faith.  From his own experience, he worked against slavery.  We associate the shamrock – with three leaves – with Patrick and his teaching about the Holy Trinity.  A great hymn about the Trinity is attributed to Patrick.  Portions include:

I bind unto myself today, the strong name of the Trinity…

I bind this day to me forever by power of faith Christ’s incarnation…

… his cross of death for my salvation

… Christ be within me…Christ in danger…

… Christ in hearts of all that love me,

Christ in mouth of friend and stranger…

Praise to the Lord of my salvation,

salvation is of Christ the Lord!

[For those who like to read history, I highly recommend “How the Irish Saved Civilization” by Thomas Cahill.  Actually, anything by Cahill is informative and enjoyable reading.]


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